Influencer marketing has become a trending topic in the field of marketing management especially digital marketing. This fact can be attested by a simple search for the term in Google trends and you will soon discover the considerable increase in the amount of interest towards this topic. This positive trend has caused a surge in the cost of implementing an influencer marketing plan. So the question that we are going to address in this article is this: “is the investment in influencer marketing worth it?”

The media habits of people has changed dramatically in the last decade. TV and Radio are losing their prominence as the major source of entertainment and information for people and more and more people are turning to digital media especially social media to address their needs. Some people in this medium tend to have more influence than others and hence they are called influencers. These people have a wide reach and that means transferring your marketing messages through them will make you reach a wide audience.

Alongside wide reach, influencers tend to have credibility. They are what were previously terms KOLs, key opinion leaders, in past consumer behavior books. It signifies that the messages and information put forth by them will be more persuasive than traditional media outlets. This fact combined with the above-mentioned characteristic of influencers means that your marketing messages will not only be seen by a lot of people, but also be believable and this will in the long term will lead to you getting more influence.

It seldom happens that a person gains influence in multiple topic areas. For example some are influencers in the digital and technology domain while some others are more influential in beauty, fashion, life style, etc. All this means that people who are highly interested in those domains will follow influencers. If you are interested in a topic area and you follow and consume content in those areas, there is a very high probability that you are a high potential customer in that field. So marketers can use this fact to their advantage by putting forth messages to a customer that is highly interested in their offers.

Influencer marketing is gaining a lot of attention from marketers and business professionals all over the world. While it can be a very costly venture to run an influencer marketing promotion, it is worth the investment because by employing influencers you can easily reach a wide audience who are interested in your offers, and also the message is highly believable.

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